Discovering Dau Go Cave in Ha Long Bay


Dau Go cave in 5,000 square meters wide, 27 meters high has the same age with Thien Cung cave- about 2 million year ago. The Dau Go cave concentrates a complex of ancient architecture that shows ancient, pristine and quiet beauty with stone pillars, high stalagmite, etc. The cave has diverse and rich flora and fauna. Due to large cave entrance, the cave has high moisture level, together with sunlight to create a favorable environment for developing of flora and fauna especially moss, ferns and other plants. The cave is divided into three compartments.

First compartment: system of stalactite with familiar images such as: lion, python, turtle and a couple of fighting cocks.

Second compartment: begin with a marvelous picture- the image of rough rock islands on water clearly carved on the picture.

Third compartment: image of huge stone pillars

According to a couple John from Australia: when plan to travel Vietnam, we search carefully via internet, books and ask some my friends, they said that when visiting the northern of Vietnam, we should visit Sa Pa and Ha Long bay. They said they will not tell too much in order that we will be surprised of landscapes here. When we come here, oh how wonderful it is, we will come back in next year.”

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