Can I Go to Ha Long by Trains?


Nowadays, there are many types of vehicles to Ha Long, HALONG EXPRESS luxury train Hanoi – Ha Long – Hanoi is the type of train that has put into operation since January 15, 2009  in order to meet luxury tourism needs of clients.

Departing train schedule:


Departure time


Arrival time

Gia Lam


Ha Long


Ha Long


Gia Lam


Ticket change/ refund:

Refund shall be understood as repaying part or all of the unused value of the shipping documents to customers.

The refund, exchange tickets shall be made only when the fare conditions allow completion:

Customers return ticket before the train departure times from 72 hours to 48 hours to be charged with 10% of its value.

After 48 hours to 24 hours to be charged with 10% of its value.

After 24 hours no ticket refund

Services on trains:

Clients note that:

For children under 5 years free of charge (accompanied by an adult and not be accommodated).


On the passenger cards and tickets, in addition to instructions on the number train and compartments on the train, you can find their seats in the compartment. Seats are numbered in row from back to top of each compartment.

Bar Services:

The train offers meals and drinks at the bar, if customers will be served at the bar or served in your place. Therefore, for convenience, it is suggested that you sit on your right number.


Maximum weight of 20 kg and self-preservation during your trip

Moreover, each train compartment has a shelf for suitcase at the end of the compartment, opposite the staff room for your use.

Entertainment information:

There are entertainment programs serves as hilarious comedy clips, film programs, music.

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