Fragrant and Soft Banh Tay Nong Ep in Quang Ninh

“Banh tay nong ep” is both a nosh and offering on New Year holiday of Quang Ninh peole.

It is favored with a lot of beautiful landscapes such as: the world natural wonder Ha Long bay, pristine islands as Co To, Quan Lan, etc., Quang Ninh is one of ideal destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. However, it is a big regret if you only visit landscape and miss out unique cuisine culture here.

banh tay nong ep

A cool banh tay nong ep is described attractive brown color.

Banh tay nong ep is usually called as fortune cake. This kind of cake is considered a specialty of San Diu ethnic people who live in Ha Long city, Cam Pha, Van Don, etc. in Quang Ninh.

It has a simple appearance but the way to make the cake is quite meticulous and many stages. Its ingredients include sticky rice powder, rice powder, sugar, and ginger juice.

Kneading stage is most time consuming, baker have to knead dough until it is no longer sticky. Then flat dough on a layer of banana leaves, cover with roasted peanuts and sesame and then, added with another layer of banana leaves, and finally steamed them. It takes about 6 hours to 8 hours to steam thin cakes and about 12 hours for thick ones. Just skewer a chopstick through the cake, no dough on the chopstick means well-done cakes.

banh tay nong ep 2

The fortune cakes are cut into smaller pieces, then fried with oil and sold in some nosh eateries.

The fortune cake today is sold much in Quang Ninh, but most along ways to Tran Quoc Nghien street, Cam Pha city. In Quang Ninh people’ s life, this kind of cake is not only a nosh but also an offering in New Year holiday.

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