Squid Balls in Ha Long


Ha Long squid balls is famous specialty of Quang Ninh and voted in top 50 famous specialties of Vietnam, basing on Vietnam standard issued by Vietnam Guinness Centre.

According to a 2012 survey by the Center for Research and Development of Agricultural Systems (Institute of Agricultural Sciences Vietnam) in Ha Long City, this is a traditional craft from 1946 – Mr. Tai Le- a chef served in Hon Gai hotel for domestic and international travelers (French colonial time) is considered to be one of the first people processing the squid balls. Hoai Phuong squid balls (one of the three largest squid ball facilities in Halong City) are one of those who maintain the traditional secret and have kept “old mortar” of Mr. Tai Le since 1946.

Calculated from the Mr. Tai Le’s time to now, the squid ball manufacturing facility Hoai Phuong has nearly 100 years of professional processing squid ball. Mr. Dang Manh Hiep, owners of Hoai Phuong said that compared to the same products, squid balls Halong have strict requirements for raw materials, and processing procedures. Materials of Halong squid ball is cuttlefish which is caught in the Gulf of Tonkin weighing 0,8-2,0kg / unit. Squid must be fresh, thick meat, yellow liver, and black eyes.

When processed, ​​squids are horizontally sliced into 3-5cm pieces. Next, squid is placed on mortar and pounded. And then mix pounded squids with the other materials. The pounding squid by hand makes more materials cohesive, so when enjoyed, it brings firm and soft feeling. The pounding squid by hand is one of the traditional techniques to create unique quality of Halong squid balls.

Especially, Ha Long squid balls are not added with additives; therefore, the product of squid balls is firm and fragrant.

At present, in Ha Long city have 30 squid ball manufacturing facilities (23 in Ha Long I market and 7 in Ha Long II market with well-known brands such as: Thang Hue, Hien Nhung, Tiet Chuyen, Kim Thoa, Lan Diep, Hoai Phuong, etc. moreover, a lot of eaters for sticky rice with squid balls, rice cake with squid balls, etc. The work of processing squid balls contributes income and stable job for labors in the city.

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