[Halong Travel] Interesting Reasons Why Should Select Bai Chay for a Family’s holiday part 2

Wonderful Specialties

Visiting Northern Vietnam, everyone is eager to taste fresh seafood here: kinds of shrimp, crabs, fish, clams, oysters, snails, etc. However, each region has its own specialties and when mentioning to Ha Long, you can not miss out the famous specialty “squid ball”.

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Fresh and delicious seafood at Bai Chay- Ha Long

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Well-known squid ball dish in Bai Chay- Ha Long

Moreover, not only specialties in Bai Chay but also ones in neighboring areas of Ha Long have a variety of kinds such as: Sa Sung, Gat Gu cake, etc.

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Fresh Sa Sung (left) and dried ones (right)

To enjoy delicious dishes in Bai Chay, apart from seafood restaurants, you should visit Ha Long night market where you and your family may taste rustic tasty dishes in interesting way.

Diverse and Unique Services

Taking advantage of situating near Ha Long gulf, Bai Chay plays an important role as accommodation center and coastal services of international scale. Technical facilities and tourism services have been effectively invested to meet diverse needs of tourists at home and abroad.

Bai Chay has 322 tourist accommodation facilities and over 400 cruise ships. Bai Chay tourism area was planned into a most beautiful tourist area of Ha Long City. With a number of high quality restaurants, Bai Chay certainly meets the cuisine needs of your family.

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Motor-boat on Bai Chay beach

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Water puppetry and traditional music

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