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Visiting Ha Long, tourists not only have opportunity to explore limestone mountains jutting out over quiet sea surface and beautiful limestone caves, but also enjoy well-known specialties here such as: mantis shrimp, scallop, sea worm, etc. Just hearing those names only make tourists ecstatic by the unique flavor that they bring to.

It can be said that the environment and habitat in Ha Long sea creates unique specialties that only be felt when you are really in Ha Long. So why don’t you discover Ha Long in your own way. We make sure that you will be surprised of natural beauties here.

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Finger Nail snails is a kind of snail found in sea region only. Its name named after its shape. Fishermen catch these snails basing on the rise and fall of the tide.

People process finger nail snails into delicious and unique dishes: snails fried with Vietnamese mint, pineapple, Vietnamese perilla, water spinach, sour and spicy snail mixture, snail with fish sauce, etc.

Fingernail snails after caught will be soaked in water about 15 minutes to remove sand inside. To make snails cleaner, they usually add lemon juice into soaking water. When separating snails’ shells, it appears sweet and fragrant meat. Locals here often process this kind of snail into steamed and fried dishes.

Finger nail snails with jellyfish: cleaned snails are quickly dipped in hot water, then extract meat. Then soak the meat in mixture of mustard and butter for about 20 minutes. Next, mix with jellyfish salad, the salad dish is served with Vietnamese mint, garlic, sliced green mango, roasted peanuts, chili, etc.). The fingernail snail salad has typical spicy flavor of the mustard, the grease of butter, together with the cool fishy taste of snails and jellyfish will surely leave unforgettable taste.

Fingernail snails fried with Vietnamese perilla has additional effectiveness to treat cold and headache. Fingernail snails steamed with beer is also much favorite. It is often served with lemon chili salt and Vietnamese mint.

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