Roasted Mantis Shrimp With Salt



Mantis shrimp is typical seafood in Cat Ba. There are a lot of dishes processed from mantis shrimp but in Sun Flower 1 (Nui Ngoc road), mantis shrimp is processes into the dish: roasted mantis shrimp with salt by talented cooks.

When waiters serve a dish of greasy and fragrant mantis shrimp, everyone wants to taste.

To have this unique dish, chefs have to carefully select live mantis shrimps to avoid battering after being processed and get typical fragrance.

Roasted mantis shrimp with salt- Cat Ba seafood

It is a dish roasted with salt but oil is indispensable to create greasy taste for the dish, hence, for those who enjoy this dish first time will think it is a fried food. This dish requires quite elaborate processing including spices such as lemongrass, oil, salt, pepper, etc. but to reach for delicious level, the chef must have the art of using fire. When roasted, mantis shrimp must be fragrant, chewy and greasy.

Roasted mantis shrimp with salt is delicious, but mantis shrimps bearing egg are more wonderful. When serving, waiters will cut its fins, you only need to remove its shell and pick tasty meat up. And it is usually dipped with chili sauce.

When tourists experience a tour Ha Long- Cat Ba, let’s enjoy such unique dish. You will never forget the tasty flavor of Cat Ba sea and friendly attitude of locals here.

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