Tu Hai Specialty, Quang Ninh Province

tu hai

Perhaps few people know a kind of seafood called Tu hài. It’s unfamiliar and popular like clams, shrimp, scallops, etc. but if anyone has a time to enjoy, surely will not forget the distinctive taste of this seafood. Here’s how to make and enjoy special Tu hai – famous dish of Van Don island district.

Tu hài is a rare marine kind, has high nutritional value, has been studied and successfully raised since 2005 in the Gulf Coast area of Bai Tu Long, Van Don island district, Quang Ninh Province. Tu hai products are now available in fresh seafood restaurants in Quang Ninh and some major cities.

Today, we introduce ways of processing and enjoying tu hài dish:

- select same-size tu hài, then soaked them in 80-90 C degree water about 2-3 minutes, then cleaned outside shelves. The delicious flavor of tu hài depends much on spices that are added to each tu hài.

- Garlic and dried onion are minced, then fried deep in oil, mix with sliced green onions, then add fish sauce, seasoning, and pepper into tu hài and steamed.

- After being steamed about 12-15 minutes, remove tu hài from water, fragrance of tu hài together with appealing scent of spices.

An appetizer of steamed tu hài has distinct flavor. The tu hài’s meat is crunchy together with fragrant scent of spices. It can be said that the appetizer is tasty, nutritious and hygiene. It is reason why many restaurants in Van Don choose the steamed Tu hài as an appetizer in their menu and now, tu hài becomes popular throughout nation.

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