One Day In Halong- What Should To Do?

One Day In Halong- What Should To Do? With such special values, Ha Long Bay has been recognized as Vietnam’s national heritage in 1962 by the Ministry of Culture and Information, as a World Heritage site by UNESCO (in 1994 in terms of aesthetic value, in 2000 in terms of geological and landform value); and voted as one of the seven natural wonders by New7Wonders on November 11, 2011.

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Wonderful Hạ Long Bay

One Day In Halong- What Should To Do?

Sung Sot Cave is located on Bo Hon Island in the center of the bay. This is a large cave and one of the most beautiful bays of Ha Long Bay. The way to Sung Sot Cave is winding under layers of forest trees, twisty with stone steps. The cave is divided into two main compartments; the entire first compartment is compared as a large theater with cave ceiling which is covered with stalactites, stone statues, stone elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers, etc. It opens up a fairy world.

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Sung Sot cave – One of the most beautiful cves of Halong Bay

In addition to the caves, visitors also have the opportunity to visit many beautiful and charming caves like Bo Nau cave; Hanh Cave is a beautiful cave and the longest one in Ha Long Bay, Virgin cave; Trong cave, etc.

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Trong cave is attached to a touching love story

Ti Top Island

13 kilometers from Bai Chay cruise port. The old name is Cat Nang Island, more than 100 meters high. This is a beautiful island with steep slopes; white, flat and smooth sand.

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Parachute rental services on Ti Top Island, Halong Bay

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Kayaking to discover Halong Bay

The famous delicacies in Ha Long are: grilled squid, squid rolls, roasted mantis shrimp with salt, Steamed Squid with guava leaves, Ha Long Limulus,  and other familiar seafood

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Seafood is also sold on boats on Ha Long Bay

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